Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting the Garden Off the Ground...with Pot Towers!

A beautiful new pot tower has been added to Growing Healthy at the Carolina Children's Garden!

The Growing Healthy Garden is growing, well, up!  Master Gardener Crystal Masterson designed, created, and installed a stunning pot tower in this space devoted to healthy living.  Colorful pots painted with polka dots and stripes now boast an array of delicious and nutritious plants, including strawberries, parsley, and thyme. 
Master Gardener Crystal Masterson constructing the pot tower

Pot towers are easy to construct:  Crystal's tower began with a 5' length of iron rebar that she pounded through the drainage hole in the bottom of a large painted pot and into the ground below.  She covered the bottom of the pot with broken cardboard egg cartons to help with drainage, then filled the pot with soil.  The next pot was slightly smaller, and it was threaded onto the rebar through its drainage hole and balanced at an angle on top of the pot beneath.  More egg cartons and soil were added, then a third pot was threaded onto the tower and balanced at an angle...and so forth and so on until the tower was complete!

We are very grateful to Crystal for this beautiful (and functional!) addition to the Children's Garden!  Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of this and other Children's Garden Projects:  Facebook Page 

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