Monday, February 28, 2011

Not a Lazy Saturday: Kiwanis Aktion Club Workday

Volunteers from the Kiwanis Aktion Club, reporting for duty!
Saturdays are lazy days for many people…days to sleep late, eat a leisurely brunch, potter around the house, and enjoy a little much-needed R&R after a busy work week.  For members of the Kiwanis Aktion Club, however, last Saturday (February 26th) was anything but a lazy day!  Over a dozen volunteers from the Club’s local chapter convened at the Carolina Children’s Garden for a special Garden Workday.  Enthusiastic participants tackled several important tasks—removing giant longleaf pine cones from the play areas, painting the fence around Mr. McGregor’s Garden, fertilizing the tea olives in the Reading Garden, raking pine straw, and stuffing our friends, Mama and Baby Bear, with fresh sphagnum moss.

The Three Bears' Crew stuffs Mama Bear with fresh sphagnum moss
We at the Carolina Children's Garden are very grateful to the Aktion Club for their service--the Garden would not exist without the hard work of volunteers like you!  Thank you!

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