Saturday, September 3, 2011

Operation Inasmuch

A volunteer workforce from Living Springs Lutheran Church descended on the Children's Garden for Operation Inasmuch on Saturday, May 7th.  Church volunteers tackled a number of difficult projects in the Garden as well as in the adjacent Conservation Station, and their efforts made a huge difference to the two sites!

Dinosaurs in the Mesozoic Memories Dinosaur Garden received fresh coats of paint.  The T. rex was tickled pink!  

Wet Paint in the Mesozoic Memories Dinosaur Garden

Wayward saplings in Pooh's Corner were removed with shears and shovels.  

Best of all, the brick pathway at the Garden's entrance was repaired!  This is what the pathway looked like before repair...
During repair...
And after repair!

Workforce organizer, Karen Kranz, tidied the gardens around the stage. 

Helpers pulled weeds in the annual beds at the Three Bears' Homestead.  

 In the Conservation Station next door, two workers cleared the nature trail and removed old trail markers that posed a stumbling hazard, making the path safer for walkers!

These are the old trail markers which were removed and carted to the trailhead for disposal:

On behalf of the Carolina Children's Garden and all the patrons who enjoy the site, THANK YOU to Operation Inasmuch! 

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